Bray Park NHW (Petrie 5). Weekly roundup.

Bray Park NHW (Petrie 5) weekly roundup.

Period: 29.03.17 – 04.04.17.


Break and enter:

Bray Park Primary School. Weekend of the 01 & 02.04.17.

Unknown offender/s smash a glass panel and gained access to the hall and then conducted a search of the kitchen. No suspects at this point in time.


Reported crime from the neighbouring suburbs for the same period:

Assault x 1: Strathpine.

Break and enter x 1: Strathpine.

Stolen motor vehicle x 1: Strathpine.

Stealing x 2: Strathpine and Lawnton.

Stealing from vehicles x 2: Strathpine.

Wilful damage x 2: Strathpine.



Don’t become complacent. Offences are being committed in the area.




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